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Raeanne. 18. America.


"Don't make people into heroes John. Heroes don't exist and if they did, I wouldn't be one." - Sherlock Holmes

"You can spend the rest of your life with me, but I can't spend the rest of mine with you. I have to live on. Alone. That's the curse of the Time Lords." -10th Doctor

"Fools who wear their hearts proudly on their sleeves, who cannot control their emotions, who wallow in sad memories and allow themselves to be provoked this easily -- weak people, in other words -- they stand no chance..." -Severus Snape

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bruh, I’ve been waiting for this.


hey sorry im late i didnt want to come




fuck boys but also fuck boys u feel me

the best part about blogging is that no one actually knows if youre naked or not

"Learn to write by doing it. Read widely and wisely. Increase your word power. Find your own individual voice though practicing constantly. Go through the world with your eyes and ears open and learn to express that experience in words."

P.D. James (via writersrelief)

Anonymous Asked:
One time i went to olive garden with my mom and she told me she was alcoholic and then the next time we went she told me that she was divorcing my dad

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